Tuesday, March 30

Today's fairytale...

So in a perfect world we would meet in the middle. I've decided it's the most romantic option. We've spent all of this time away from each other and the perfect solution, is to meet somewhere we have never been before.
We will stand in the crowded airport and see each other from across the room. We will lock eyes and run to each other - slow motion, music cued. He will sweep me up into his arms and spin me around. We will kiss at the end of our twirl and look into each others eyes, the way we have longed to since he's been gone. I'll close my eyes and it will be the most perfect kiss in the world. My foot will do the princess diaries kick and he'll whisper I love you. We will leave the airport hand in hand, walking off into the sunset.
Everything will fall into place from there. We will elope to some gorgeous foreign country and learn the language from pocket guidebooks. Success will inevitably follow, career wise. We will live in a beautiful castle, make love, and drink wine all day. That is until we start having perfect little children.
Our life together will be perfect.

Monday, March 29

All you need is love...

Happy Monday

The Beatles said it best, "Love, love me do. Oh please love me too".

Today has been wonderful! It's spring, I'm alive, and in love! I get to go to class, play my guitar, and go to work, where I get to hang out with some of the coolest people I will ever meet - my toddlers. All the while receiving little messages from messages and a certain someone that makes my heart skip a beat. 

Friday, March 26

Thursday, March 25


Big and Ducky just met... can't breathe! We attempted a three way skype call, but failed and were forced to a phone conversation of sorts instead. They added each other on facebook, much to my fake contempt. I think it went pretty well. I don't know why I was so nervous! I wanted the first time he met someone in my family to be perfect - and although he's talked to R on the phone, she's 10. It doesn't count as much... Ducky has been with me through pretty much everything! Lord, I didn't realize I would care so much about their first encounter! I just want everything to be perfect...

Wednesday, March 24

Gotta Heart Gagaloo!

Miu Miu Shoe Love

Get Inspired

Riley Keough
Yes, Elvis' granddaughter! She's in the Runaway's, which comes out Friday!!!

Tuesday, March 23

Don't walk away...

He calls me baby. I smile.
He tells me he loves me. I fall apart.
Just asking about my day gives me butterflies.

Gaaawd I've missed this!

I am a love-aholic

The Day I Shot Cupid, Jennifer Love Hewitt

I rushed out to buy this book today and I am sooo excited to read it! I love JLH and I am even more in love with the concept of this book! More to come as I read...

Sunday, March 21

Killing Cupid

     It's been one of those fashion filled days. I've done nothing, but try on clothes and look at fashion magazines. It's been absolutely lovely! With the constant soundtrack running the background, and clad in nothing but my favorite underwear, Tiffany's, and new espadrilles - I'm happy and alone. 
    I confronted M.N. about his inappropriateness. He apologize and go figure - still wants a relationship. Gawd these boys move fast! Whatever happened to dating like 5 people at once and not committing! It's like we've switched gender roles here! Aren't I the one - the girl, that's supposed to want the relationship? At this point, and I completely can't believe I'm saying this, it's not about guy's at all. I'm so bored with the whole situation. I just want to be me and alone. I'm comfortable with that notion and excited at the possibility of no drama!
    Going on day 3 of no consistency with Big. I'm so over this. What made me think it was a good idea in the first place?! I have got to remember - there is always a reason why I break up with him!

Saturday, March 20

Run for your life...

Explain to me when everything went to hell in a hand basket, as far as men are concerned?
Mr. Big has been Mr. MIA for the last 48 (relatively) hours. I tried to text and call him yesterday - nothing. He left me a fb message. Today - nada. :( WTF is going on?! For the past month we have been lovey dovey like 24/7 and now, idk what to think! I realize it's only one day and I should really calm down, but I'm not going through what I did before - I'M JUST NOT!
And M.N. Omg do not even get me started on that weirdo! I thought it was cute at first how we had been slowly talking more and more - well yesterday I made the mistake of giving him my number. I was feeling vulnerable so I agreed to a little bit of sexting - he pretended to not know what I meant and acted shy/innocent. HA! Not even!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over the course of tonight - with no encouragement - he has sent me three pictures... slowing becoming more revealing. I repeat - WTF! 
Life lesson of the day: THERE IS NO NICE GUY. He doesn't exist. He's imaginary - pure fiction! Why it has taken me this long to realize this fact, I have no idea. I'm believing this from now on - completely and fully. Mmmhmm...
Other than that... today was wonderful. I love spending the day with R and playing big sister. 
"Boba, swing!"

SATC 2... can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fashion Orgasm: Atelier Versace Spring 2010

Taylor Swift's New Hairdo

I love it!!!

Shopping Spree!!!

 I am a complete Anne Klein ballet flat addict!
 How cute are these Kensie Girl's!!! Roxy flippies are my standby for sure... Three movies, one day. And new Vogue! I found these at the mall today and I can't wait to fill out the Romance list especially! Type A personas non grata!

Little fake sister love...